Steel Containers Make Excellent Containers

Steel containers make excellent containers. Whether these are steel drums, pails or huge shipping containers, steel is an excellent choice for making containers.

Unlike plastic, steel containers can be recycled. Shipping containers are recycled by converting them into useful structures or storage containers for use onshore. When these structures are at the end of their useful lives, they can be recycled again as scrap steel used in producing new steel.

Shipping Containers

Usually made with high tensile steel that also has rust inhibiting properties, shipping containers are reinforced with a rigid steel framework. The sturdy construction enables the shipping containers to withstand the extreme conditions it can be exposed to during long ocean voyages.

Shipping containers are large structures with standard dimensions. They have a common cross section of 8′ width and 8.5′ height, and come in lengths of 20′, 40′ and 45′. In fact, cargo capacity is expressed in TEUs, or twenty-foot equivalent units, each unit representing a twenty-foot standard shipping container. Thus a 40-foot container will be two TEUs.

The sturdiness of the shipping container makes it ideal for many other uses when they become surplus. They can become surplus either at the end of their ocean-worthy life or because empty containers accumulate at certain places and begin to cause problems.

Alternative Uses for Steel Shipping Containers

Wherever a compact and secure enclosed space is required, these steel containers provide a good solution. They are constructed to be as vandal and thief proof as possible, and using padlocks and other aids can increase their security further. Let us look at a few alternative uses for the steel containers.

LIVING SPACE: Doors can be modified and windows can be cut in the steel walls to start the process. Internal partitions, fold up beds and furniture, toilet and washroom units and working areas can make the steel containers into living units at worksites. And these mobile houses can be transported from site to site using the container trucks.

SELF-STORAGE UNITS: With increasing clutter in households and offices, the demand for independent storage spaces is growing. Steel containers can be converted into self-storage units with a minimum of work. Self-storage units are attractive storage solutions because they give control to the hirers. Hirers can use their own lock and key, and move things in and out whenever they want.

WORK CANTEENS: With a kitchen unit, food service counters, and other essential facilities, the steel containers can become canteens at work sites. The containers can also be converted into worker rest rooms, offices and data centers.

MARKET STALLS & MULTI-LEVEL SHOPS: The steel containers can be converted into mobile market stalls. By stacking the containers, and providing connecting stairs, you can even create multi-level shops.

Steel shipping containers typically have treated-wood insides and can be fitted up to provide pleasing or otherwise suitable interiors. Lighting and heating facilities can be provided with internal fittings, and power can be availed through either an external plug or solar electricity generation facilities.

Design possibilities are numerous. The walls and roof of the steel containers can be removed to make them into flat racks that provide easier loading for many materials, and are easier transport when empty (several empty units can be stacked for transport).

Steel containers are indeed ideal when you want sturdy and secure solutions.

Guidelines for Storage Spaces

Professional organizers and helpful-hint sources often recommend storage solutions such as shelves above doors and in corners, hooks on the backs of doors, and peg-board or tools and small appliances. They are masters at maximizing every square inch of a closet with bins, baskets, shelf dividers, and multiple hanging rods. What they don’t realize is that, from a feng shui perspective, these techniques can cause as many problems as they solve.

For good feng shui, it’s important to leave some of your storage space unused, for doors to open all the way, and to aim for visual simplicity. As you work toward achieving the organizer’s dream of a place for everything and everything in its place, keep these guidelines in mind:

Spaces that are completely full block the flow of “chi” (vital energy) into your home and your life. Full file drawers block the flow of new business; full bookcases block the flow of new information and knowledge; a full bedroom closet can block your ability to attract a new relationship, and so on. Wherever possible, keep 20-25% of your storage areas available for new ideas, relationships, and opportunities to flow your way.

Storage units hung from the ceiling create oppressive energy that presses down on whatever is underneath them. Anything stored overhead can contribute to feelings of depression, anxiety, and overwhelm. A pot rack hanging over the stove is considered especially bad because it “weighs down” your finances.

Shelves over a door, or on a wall beside your bed or desk have a similar oppressive effect, and can lead to headaches, poor sleep, lack of energy, or muddled thinking.

A hook on the back of the bathroom door is fine if all you hang on it is a summer-weight robe and PJs. If the hook is piled with three terry robes and a few extra towels, so the door no longer opens all the way, that’s a feng shui no-no. Never use hooks on the back of the main door to your home or on bedroom doors; it is essential that these doors open freely and completely, with nothing stored behind them. (That means removing anything stored on the floor behind the door as well.)

Vinyl-coated wire shelves on the inside of a door can be a good way to keep lots of small items tidy; however, they should only be used on closet, cabinet, or pantry doors.

Avoid under-bed storage if you can. If you must use this space, use it for extra bedding and for soft, seasonal clothing such as sweaters. Never store any kind of sharp objects, information (books, videos or DVDs, paperwork), or exercise equipment under the bed; you may have trouble sleeping or feel exhausted no matter how much rest you get.
As much as possible, store things where they are accessible but out of sight. Peg board and open shelving create visual clutter, so limit these to the garage, workroom, or pantry where they won’t affect the energy of the rest of the house.

Be thoughtful about how much stuff you display in a room. Filling the den with knick-knack shelves so hubby can have his entire collection of sports memorabilia on display creates visual overwhelm. From a feng shui perspective, it’s better to invest in closed storage such as drawers and cabinets and have only a few treasures on display at a time. Change the selection every three to six months, and with each rotation you’ll rediscover old favorites. By displaying fewer items at a time, you’ll actually enjoy and appreciate your collection more.

Another common problem is family photos and snapshots scattered lavishly throughout every room and wall in the house. Select a dozen of the best ones, frame them attractively, and create a mini-gallery on one wall in one room or hallway. Store the rest or put them in albums. (Okay, okay, you can stick a few on the fridge, too!)

Aesthetics are as important as functionality in feng shui. Keeping earrings and small jewelry in an ice-cube tray or egg carton works, but it’s cheap-looking, cheap-feeling, and will drag your energy down every time you use it. It’s okay to be budget-conscious, but appearance counts, too. A small plastic storage box is more attractive than an ice-cube tray and you can get one at your local discount, craft, or housewares store for less than three dollars. They even come in pretty colors so you can choose one to match your bedroom décor.

With these easy guidelines in mind, you can choose storage solutions that will keep your space tidy and create good feng shui in your home. For even better results, remember to get rid of clutter before you put things away. Why waste time and money finding clever storage solutions for stuff you can do without?
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Vanities Are Not Just Plain Wood Anymore

It used to be that a bathroom sink vanity was a fairly plain piece of cabinetry with doors underneath and perhaps a set of drawers for storage on one side. Not anymore. Homeowner’s today are leveraging all sorts of interesting materials to create a custom vanity.

In fact, one of the most popular bathroom styles these days is to forgo a vanity all together by utilizing old-fashioned pedestal sinks. These are great solutions for small spaces, or bathrooms where little storage is needed, like a powder room. Pedestal sinks can be used to create vintage, traditional or modern looks – depending on the style chosen and fixtures selected.

Another trend is to take an old dresser and make that into a vanity. For homeowner’s who have a cherished dresser this is a unique way of integrating it into a modern home. Another option is to purchase a piece of unfinished wood furniture and custom paint it in a color that matches the décor or faux finish it for a truly unusual look. Given the popularity of this style, some cabinet companies are even designing bathroom sink vanities to look like old pieces of furniture that have been transformed. Often these pieces are more of a larger scale and more ornate finish – which best suites a bathroom of a corresponding size.

And yet another style that is becoming more popular, albeit with those who prefer a minimalist look, is simply forgoing a traditional vanity with doors underneath for clean lines and simple shelves. Instead, they place sinks on simple shelves made out of a number of materials. And for storage, a second shelf underneath showcases bathroom towels and toiletries stored in neat baskets.

If you have a recently found a cabinet that you feel would be perfect for a vanity it is easy to convert it. Simply hire a plumber to cut a hole in the top of it for the sink to set into. If you choose a bowl-type of sink that rests primarily on top of the cabinet you will need to install a wall mounted faucet. However, if you choose a sink that sets into your new vanity almost completely, then a counter-mounted sink can be installed.

Haven’t found a dresser but like the idea? Take careful measurement of the space available in your bathroom – as well as how much room you will need for installing the sink and faucet – then head out to the store. Places like Ikea offer inexpensive solutions whereas import shops like Cost-Plus and Pier 1 usually sell unique pieces that will give any room instant character. Or, you can simply go to your nearest home improvement superstore or kitchen and bath showroom and order an all in one solution.

Remember, your home should reflect your own personal style – so don’t feel that you need to install a traditional vanity.

3 Useful Tips In Using A Self-Storage Unit

Are you looking to find an affordable storage space for rent? What are some of the things that you need to avoid and what do you need to know about using a self-storage unit? These are good questions especially if you have no experience using a self-storage unit for any reason.

As you may already know, self-storage units cater to the needs of individuals who require additional storage for their goods or personal effects whether for short or long-term basis. Service providers that offer self-storage in Drouin l can provide you with all the storage space you need along with peace of mind knowing that your property is safe and that you always have access to them whenever you need to. Still, there are a couple of things that you would want to consider when leasing a storage system for whatever reason.

A few things to consider when leasing a self-storage unit

Get enough storage space for what you are looking store and perhaps a bit more

It goes without stating that you should have enough space for everything. Many are often overly focused on discovering the most affordable self-storage available only to find that it hardly fits your storage requirements. You can discuss your needs with your storage business and get assistance on which storage unit is suitable to your needs.

Storage fees per month primarily depend on the size of the storage unit, and you might think that you have an opportunity to save money by renting a small one and squeezing in as much as you can. Doing so may end up damaging the items or even worse – the storage unit itself which you can be held accountable for repairs and other applicable expenses.

Only rent a storage unit that is of sound and reliable condition.

Take the time to carefully check the storage systems itself and examine for damages. It does not need to be pretty. However, you would want to make sure that the self-storage unit is utterly efficient in securing your products. Dented storage systems may come cheap, but that does not speak well regarding how durable the container is.

Shop around and negotiate terms

Granted self-storage systems for lease are scarce however that is no need to jump on the very first one that you can discover. Take the time to compare prices if only to see which one uses the very best worth. Rates can differ, and it is a good idea to look around and compare rates across some different self-storage companies if only to find the one that offers you the best value.