The renovation of the kitchen

Kitchen is an area where you spend a lot of time. And everyone wants to make this room practical and comfortable. You should miss no details while planning a kitchen renovation.

Preparing for the kitchen renovation

At first, you should decide whether you are going to get rid of old furniture or not. If you decide to keep some furniture – carefully disassemble it, move to another room and cover with plastic wrap. Apartment renovation is always dust and debris. Therefore, make sure that the furniture was not damaged. Be careful with the technique. Make sure that all communications (electricity, water, gas) are turned off. Only then you should move. If you have enough skills to cope with such work – call the technician. In order to protect yourself from unforeseen eventualities, be sure that you have all necessary items for the case if you are sick or damaged during your repair. It’s better to buy everything needed in the  beforehand, so that you have enough health to make kitchen renovation and enjoy the result. Remember that all appliances are dangerous, and treat it carefully. Glass, mirrors and other fragile items: wrap in the cloth.

If you want to make the kitchen not only beautiful but also practical – before starting the work, plan the details of the kitchen space.

Determine the location for major equipment: fridge, washing machine, plates, etc.

Sink, stove and refrigerator have to be near. The space of this work triangle is a prerequisite of a comfortable kitchen.

A gas stove should be installed in close proximity to the lines of communication. This way you will save yourself from the problems with connection.

Don’t forget about the electrician. Such equipment as a refrigerator, dishwasher, electric stove, fume hood, etc. should have not only individual outlets but also high-quality wiring. A dishwasher and washing machine, moreover, require the connection of the supply system and water drainage.

Consider a lighting system of the kitchen. Please note that the working space requires a separate light source.

You can do such work yourself, but we recommend turning to professionals. An interior designer will help you to properly locate all equipment. In addition, you will be able to assess future repair before the start of work.

What is the order of repairs? First, you must remove the old coating, then replace all utilities: electrics and plumbing. If necessary, align the walls, floor and ceiling. Then perform finishing work. In conclusion, assemble equipment and install furniture.


During the repair of apartments, dismantling shall manage the old material: plaster, wallpaper, flooring, paint, tiles, etc. Remember that the quality of demolition work depends on the final look of the new cover.

Wallpaper – easy removal of material. You can use a special liquid to remove wallpaper. But there is a much easier way. All you that you will need are a spatula and a wet sponge. Having wet the wallpaper, it will easily succumb to withdrawal. For convenience, use the spatula.

Dismantling tile is a very time-consuming and complicated disassembly. And it is difficult because often you want to save the material during dismantling. Tile can be reused, but in order to do this, it must be carefully removed and not damaged.

Installation of electricity mains.

The kitchen is a home to appliances.  Average kitchen has at least 5 devices, heavily consume electricity. The sockets are not needed for water heater, air conditioner, oven, and hob. Typically, they are mounted directly to the power supply wire with terminals.

Don’t forget small appliances such as electric kettle, toaster, etc. For such devices it will be enough to make 2 double sockets and put them above the work surface.

This amount of devices which heavily loads the network, so planning a kitchen renovation, I suggest you to include the cost of the RCD (residual current device) – it will provide the outage if the leakage current is detected. Such a device can be built in the junction box and into the socket.

Kitchen renovation is hard, but the results will not leave you without a smile. When rough work is completed, communications are brought, floor, walls and ceiling are aligned, you can start finishing. According to your wishes, you can decorate the walls with wallpaper, put on the floor tiles, parquet or other floor covering, to decorate ceiling with ornaments, etc. The main thing is to follow the sequence: first the wall then the floor.

Working space for cooking requires special attention. This area is susceptible to contamination more then the others. You can make the apron in different ways: to hang wallpaper, to install a glass panel to install durable laminate, but the most popular material – tile.

If you decide to paint the walls and ceiling, use acrylic latex paint. It will allow you not to worry about changes in temperature and humidity.

You can use vinyl Wallpaper, or fiberglass for the repair of kitchen. They are easy to clean and do not collect dust.

Also, the walls and floor can be decorated with tile. Special restrictions are here. Choose any tile. You should lay tile in the kitchen in order: at first, the wall – from the bottom up; then, the floor – from the door to the far corner.